HD-2002A Biochip Workstation
       HD-2002A Biochip Workstation integrates all the functions of HD-2001A BiochipReader and the dispensing, reaction, washing, drying and other functions in the process of analysis of protein chip. All the actions can be done by mechanical hand according to the program, which can greatly reduce errors made by manual work and enhance working efficiency, stability and precision.
The software has friendly interface, including manual running, automatic running, diagnosis, parameter setting and other functions.

Technical data

  • Traversing range 1100mm for X-movements
    230mm for Y-movements
    140mm for Z-movements
  • Repeatability of X-Y-Z mechanical hand 0.05mm
  • Precision of temperature ±°C1
  • Precision of dispense <5 %
  • Precision of dispensing repeatability <5 %

    Working conditions

  • Temperature 10°C~30°C
  • Relative humidity 30%~85%
  • Atmosphere pressure 860hPa~1060hPa
  • Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz

HD-2001 Chip Reader(matching protein chip system)
       Chip Reader is equipment developed by HealthDigit matching for Protein Chip System. It integrates technologies of Optics, Informatics, Computer Science, Automation and Molecular Biology. The chemiluminescent light signals are captured and digitized by a CCD camera for the measurement of signal intensity. Standard curves along with calibrated control are automatically generated.

HD-2001A Chip Reader

- Accurate Reader for Protein Chip System for Multi-tumor Marker Detection
- High speed imaging and data processing capability
- Non-polluted operation



Protein Chip System for Multi-Tumor Marker Detection

The Protein Chip System is based on specific antibody-antigen interactions. Via the antibodies immobilized on a solid matrix, up to 12 tumor markers can be quantitatively measured in a parallel way, and up to 42 patient serum samples can be tested simultaneously. It's just the application of protein chip system that makes the parallel detection of multi-tumor possible.

The advantages of the protein chip can be viewed in various angles:
- High sensitivity and High specificity
- Parallel diagnosis of ten types of common tumors
- Rapid detection
- High Throughput, low price suitable for large-scale screening or physical check-ups

Protein Chip System can accomplish parallel analysis of 12 tumor markers

      - AFP
- Free PSA
- CA125
- CA242
- CA15-3
- CA19-9
- β-HCG
- Ferritin

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